The International department seeks for the most open-minded, for those of you who know that there is place to grow, place to learn and place to discover. We firmly believe that diversity is the most wonderful thing in the world and we are decided to break all the intercultural and lingvistic barriers between us. So let’s have fun together like we’re all brothers, or friends, or humans. Cheers to our individuality!


Clinical Nights

It is about alternatives to our usual med classes, evenings of magic in which we learn from our best teachers and where we have the chance to interact, discuss cases and think out of the box!


Caring Together for the Elderly

It’s about SSMI and SSCR reunite and give a helping hand to the older and the wiser. Will you let your empathy lead you to the gray-headed young spirits that are lonely and in need? If your heart said yes, take part in this charity project where we: raise funds, purchase items that elderly need the most and take them to the asylum.


Yoga for Beginners

They say it makes you happier by relieving anxiety, improves your spinal posture, your tonus and helps you make new awesome friends? Oh, wait, what about the last part?! Well, that’s what makes THIS yoga class so special here in the International Department! If you think you’re ready to change yourself for the better, we’re waiting for you to join! J


Tandem Learning

If you describe yourself as curious, communicative, or simply eager to get out of the routine, then this project is calling your name. It means that people that speak different languages come together and get to learn something from each other (basic expressions in each of those languages).



We provide information about the “United States Medical Licensing Examination” for the students who which to practice medicine in USA.

Workshops – it developes valuable practical skills, as well as it increases team spirit and you may be making some new pals too.


Garda Buddies

2 students from different sections come together and go on duty at the hospital. That moment when your social and intelectual life blends.


English Pills 4 Science Skills

Mrs. teacher Ioana Cretu does an excellent series of workshop where she teaches us how to research and write a Congressis thesis, as well as how to present it.



Knowledge-boosters, twice more interesting than the usual class


 BLS en francais

We’re going to highschools and convince the students that saving a life will always be at least as important as their maths homework. We also show them how.