“When in Rome”

             Hi guys! My name is Filip Smaranda Nicoleta, I’m a fourth year medical student at UMF „Gr. T. Popa” Iasi and last summer, in August 2016, I went to Rome, Italy with an IFMSA exchange programme. My Italian experience was amazing and I thought I should write some lines to convince you to try it! It started like this: arriving in Rome, Fiumicino Airport, on the  1st of August, trying to speak English but ending up speaking a Romanian-Italian, taking the train, arriving in Termini Station, meeting the other very nice and disoriented students and then… travelling by bus (changing bus and metro) for 1 h 30’. As you can tell, our accommodation was quite far from the city center (where Policlinico Umberto I – the hospital, and almost all major attractions of Rome are), so every morning we had to leave at 7 to arrive at the hospital at 8.30, when the programme started. But, except this minor detail, the residence where we stayed was clean, safe , each room (for 2) had a bathroom and a small kitchen.  Getting back to the Policlinico, I was in the Cardiology Department and I actually did something everyday, like visiting the patients (with the professor), taking history, clinical examination, ECG, echocardiography and I saw some interventions in the Interventional Cardiology Department. The doctors were really nice and they were explaining in English (especially the young ones) and I was lucky to have a great team. Anyway, Italian is quite similar to Romanian so it was easy for me to understand what they were saying during visits. I also want to say something about the cappuccino served there, at the hospital’s bar, which is also amazing. We had one meal per day at the cantine, it was ok, not the Italian typical amazing taste but it was eatable- I chose pizza and pasta everyday. But Italian food generally is a joy!

              My group was nice, we were 24 from different countries, I made new friends, I learned things about their countries, traditions, universities, student life, eating preferences , travelling preferences and so on. Most of the students from the organizing committee were on holiday, we only had 3-4 local students, so the social programme was not that busy, but we managed to organize our own. I also travelled to Napoli, Capri and Florence in weekends, so you can think about what you want to see and then organize and buy your tickets when you get there.

             I hope I’ve convinced you to try this experience, it was one of the best things that happened to me and I would do it again anytime! Ciao a tutti!


Romanians at the Welcome Party: COZONAC & ZACUSCA1














First things first: Visiting Rome’s major attractions- Virtual Tour stating with : Selfie inside the Colosseum…2














Selfie at Fontana di Trevi3















Selfie with a beautiful view of Rome…( the most amazing view from Giardini degli Aranci)4














The most representative photo from Napoli: PIZZA5














Getting some rest after seeing and breathing ART in Florence…6














And our last group photo. Thank you for watching!7

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