Ciao, ragazzi! (Verona, Italy)

My name is Radu Garas, I’m a 4th year student at UMF Iași, Romania, and I participated in a Research Exchange project at the University of Verona, Italy this summer. The aim of my project was to investigate animal models of epilepsy, in order to evaluate their behavior, brain activity before and after pharmacological treatments.

During my exchange I was welcomed warmly, my contact person took me from the airport to the residence, which was a nice hotel. We stayed in apartments made of 2-3 rooms, 2 persons in a room with a shared kitchen and bathroom. In the hotel was everything you needed and a cleaning service once a week. As I had not any experience in the laboratory work and I learned the basics, gained skills in techniques performed during experiments. I was allowed to perform some techniques by myself and now I am able to face new scientific and technical challenges. The team was formed of international young scientists and researchers, I had even the opportunity to work with researchers from my country – Romania. They were all interested in explaining and working together with the international students from the exchange.

As we were 23 participants from all over the world, everyone had its own contact person. The contact persons were very kind, open-minded and welcoming. They showed us the city, gave informations about events, places where to spend time and feel more Italian. They came with us in the city, visited museums, churches, we were hanging out and having fun. We made some great and breath-taking trips with our contact persons in Venice, Genoa, Cinque Terre. And it is very nice that you can easily plan some trips by your own due to the very good railway connection.

I advise you to go in Italy for exchange as you will have unforgettable moments in a country where the history, architecture and gastronomy will make you feel delightful and joyful.


International party


Verona from the hill


Lake Garda with international friends


Together in Venice, piazza San Marco


Climbing the mountains with our Italian contact person


Feeling Italian, Ciao ragazzi !


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